Hi Flow Fuel Injectors

These are our new EFI injectors they are available in 3 flow rates.
  • 380 lbs per hr
  • 550 lbs per hr
  • 850 lbs per hr

Some of the specs for these injectors are:
  • 7 amp draw
  • Peak and hold design
  • Low impedance

All flow rates are at 75 psi. Are made to withstand the environments of blown alcohol engines.

Procharger Accessories

Procharger Belt Solutions for any application. Pulleys, 6 bolt hub, and Gates Belts now available.

Various Connectors

26 pin connection 16 gauge 90 degree

4 pin 18 gauge quick disconnect Female side

17 pin 16 gauge female pins Harness side straight

4 pin 18 gauge quick disconnect Male side

17 pin 16 gauge Firewall mount Male pins straight