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Love to index race in the sportsman categories, but need to upgrade to a dependable ECU and throttle stop system – to be competitive?


#ComSyncEFI announces the Super Comp/Gas Kit! This product kit includes our unique ECU system that offers complete engine management with operations of 540,000,000 instructions per second.


Super Comp/Gas Kit Features:
• ComSync EFI ECU System
• Main Wiring Harness

• 60# Low Impedance Injectors (8)

• Water Temperature Sensor

• Inlet Air Temperature Sensor

• Oil Pressure Sensor

• Fuel Pressure Sensor
• Cam Sensor Assembly
• Crank Trigger Wheel
• Crank Trigger Sensor
• MAP Sensor
• Throttle Position Sensor

• 8 Coils

• O2 sensors (2)

• Driveshaft Sensor


+ Additional products of your choice!


SKU: PK003